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CASE STUDY: Marketing and national website network.

Ellis Jones  •  Wednesday June 9, 2010
Design  •  Health & Ageing


Council on the Ageing (COTA) is an independent consumer organisation run by and for senior Australians since 1951. It protects and promotes the well being of seniors. 


COTA was ready to take a quantum leap in the way it communicates and was aware that, in doing so, it must take staff and stakeholders with it. All the new websites had to achieve COTAs objective of being the primary destination for older Australians and people working with older Australians, and needed to be accessible to the broadest range of web users. Although each state brand of COTA wanted a untied look and feel, they also wanted the capacity to promote different programs at state level. This meant different web functionality.


Ellis Jones began with research and stakeholder profiling to understand user needs. The insight we had gained developing communication and engagement strategies with some of the larger COTAs, proved essential to developing a multi-site system that was flexible enough to accommodate state diversity. States would not be buried at the back of one national site. In addition to developing the websites we assisted a number of COTAs with launch strategies and content. This in turn was supported with staff training to ensure internal management and maintenance of the websites.

Ellis Jones built a fantastic website for COTA Victoria that has been transformative beyond the scope of the project. They have opened our minds to new possibilities and the support is always there as we make the transition online.
Sue Hendy – CEO, COTA Victoria


We designed and developed websites for seven out of nine COTAs across Australia and set up three levels of reporting (Google Analytics, enews and social media) so managers could track and understand user behaviour. The sites achieve the highest web accessibly standards and have the capacity to link elegantly to each other via an XML feed. A flow on benefit, the network increased collaboration and communications practices between the COTAs.

Take a look at a few of the websites: New South WalesQueensland, Victoria and Western Australia

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