CASE STUDY: Ellis Jones developed an engaging visual identity that would propel Hatchtech into the biotech industry and attract specialist venture capitalists.

Ellis Jones  •  Monday March 31, 2014
Branding  •  Health & Ageing


Hatchtech Pty Ltd is a specialty pharmaceutical company co-located in Australia and the USA. The company develops DeOvo™, a proprietary next generation head lice treatment that needs only a single application to provide clearance of an infestation.  DeOvo™ recently successfully completed a Phase IIb clinical trial confirming the product was both safe and highly effective following a single application. Hatchtech now plans to mount a Phase III clinical trial as soon as possible. Hatchtech is securely financed by a consortium of specialist venture capitalists.


The challenge here was to translate the Hatchtech brand into a compelling and engaging visual identity, appropriate for the biotech industry and that would entice venture capitalists. Ellis Jones first undertook research to provide a comprehensive analysis of Hatchtech’s current business commercialisation objectives and primary competitors currently in the market. The findings would then enable Hatchtech to benchmark competitor activity and are used to support the development of the Hatchtech visual identity, LinkedIn presence, Food and Drug Administration approval and business development activity. This would also ensure those working within Hatchtech become confident in presenting a consistent and sophisticated visual identity across all commercial engagements.


Using a research framework and undertaking a customer profiling analysis,  the following competitor areas were explored and evaluated against a set of elements outlined in the research framework:

  • Product offerings /point of difference
  • Analysis of websites and online materials
  • Value proposition
  • Key messages
  • Visual identity 

Ellis Jones assisted Hatchtech in establishing a refreshed brand and visual identity across all areas of the business from corporate documents to its online and physical presence. Furthermore, Ellis Jones provided Hatchtech with a style guide to inform consistent design of any new collateral created in future.


Ellis Jones developed all corporate livery, website, signage and social media strategy to greatly enhance the reputation and perceived value of the Hatchtech brand, aiding their venture capital acquisition.

View Hatchtech’s visual identity and website refresh here.

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