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CASE STUDY: Creating a unique identity to position a new Melbourne developer.

Melinda  •  Monday November 7, 2016
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New Melbourne property developer, Lowe, specialises in designing and building high-end, medium-density apartments along the South-Eastern coastline.

Born from a construction company with a 30-year history operating in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, Lowe responds to a growing market demand from baby boomers for quality properties in which to invest, or that enable them to live better lives as they transition into retirement.

Lowe’s spacious apartments deliver quality, in sought after beachside locations. They target a market that knows exactly what it is seeking.


The Australian property market is highly competitive. Among its players, developers of apartments have earned a poor reputation: focused on building for profit, rather than for people and for creating homes to meet the needs of their future residents.

Bound by conventions – the traditional way in which an auction is played out springs to mind – this is a socially conservative sector. Public facing marketing rarely takes risks; as a result, many developers and builders are difficult to distinguish.

Our challenge was to create a unique identity and brand for Lowe, that communicated the essence of what this brand delivers that others don’t: trust, quality, and value.

Ultimately, with these sought after but rarely found attributes, Lowe enables its buyers to achieve life change. Whether that change lies in realising the opportunities afforded by a sound investment or taking the chance to live the life they’ve been dreaming of, in a comfortable but easy to maintain, modern home.

A unique company in its own right, Lowe also sought to capitalise on the heritage of its parent company – trusted and well-known among the geographic target segment.


Applying the agency’s IDEA methodology, Ellis Jones delivered a new brand identity for Lowe that leveraged the awareness and positive reputation associated with its parent company, while simultaneously breaking the “sameness” associated with traditional property marketing.

We focused specifically on buyer value created by Lowe – bringing this to the fore through structured workshops with a knowledgeable client who has 30 years experience in the sector, in its geographic niche. This was explored not just in economic terms  – but also how this value contributes to personal identity and connections to place and community.

From this, we were able to distill Lowe’s unique offer in its market to its buyers: a property that is the catalyst for the change they are seeking. Thus we derived the brand essence – metamorphosis – which underpins the company’s tagline: Change made.

Underpinned by this essence, Lowe’s value proposition makes the addition of key points of difference, including the company history and its reputation for quality and attention to detail. Together, the essence and value proposition demonstrate why this is a company you can trust as a partner in achieving your desired change.


Cohesive, evidence-based and founded on a genuine difference in its market, Lowe’s brand identity delivers the strategic foundation on which Lowe can continue to build its presence. It enables company marketing to deliver a consistent customer experience, across all touch points; an experience that readily infers the company’s substantive points of difference and the value this creates for its prospective buyers.

Its visual identity is premised on evoking positive change, comprised of a semitransparent wordmark, as well as the use of striking colour gradients. Bold design elements are emblematic of the confidence Lowe has in its product. A spotlight on individual property features — through design elements, and as part of Lowe’s photographic direction — highlights the company’s attention to detail.

From the choice of hero images to site architecture and calls to action, the Lowe website, developed by Ellis Jones, further brings this brand identity to life. Visually-orientated, the site is designed to showcase Lowe’s product features, as well as evoke the bayside lifestyle that Lowe residents experience. Scalable, to cater for Lowe’s evolving property portfolio, its user pathways nurture prospective buyers through the path to purchase, fostering creation and conversion of sales leads.

The new brand was launched to key stakeholders through an event that not only attracted more than 80 guests of influencers and referrers, but also drew positive feedback on the Lowe brand and position; an early indicator this is a company and a brand poised for success.

Lowe website by ellis jones

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