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CASE STUDY: Launching digital start-up into the aged care & disability markets.

Ellis Jones  •  Tuesday March 22, 2016
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Launching exciting digital start-up, Newly, into the aged care and disability markets.


Newly is an online market place connecting care and support professionals with aged care and disability care providers, individuals and families.

Sweeping reforms in the aged care sector are changing how consumers choose and pay for care. Growth in the private market is creating increased competition and further exasperating the existing staffing issues faced by providers, including:

In this context, Newly assists providers to overcome workforce challenges, enabling the sourcing of the best care and support professionals quickly and efficiently.

“Working with Ellis Jones over the last six months has made a huge difference to our marketing professionalism and level of activity. This has had immediate impacts on our market presence resulting in better website activity and stronger engagement with senior management in the provider organisations. What’s more the Ellis Jones team are easy and fun to work with.”

– Bill Mountford, Joint Managing Director, Newly


Following a year of industry testing and development, Newly was ready to launch into the market. Newly needed to create a greater awareness of the company’s competencies and service offering among current and potential clients, securing providers using Newly’s services at scale.

With a business goal of remaining the largest online community of care and support professionals in Australia, Newly also needed to create on-going engagement with its 7,000+ registrants and develop tactics to encourage referrals.


Branding the future of aged care recruitment

Applying the agencies IDEA methodology, Ellis Jones undertook research to understand the market and regulatory context in which Newly operates. Empathy mapping was used to place target audiences in the context of their influences, values, attitudes, needs and preferences. In-depth research with aged care providers provided insights into the key workforce issues faced by providers today and into the future.

Taking a strategic branding approach Ellis Jones developed a well-defined brand identity and value proposition, providing Newly with the tools to define itself in the marketplace for its services.

The brand archetype Newly closely aligns with is the ‘The Magician.’  Newly represents the future: disrupting old, tired, obstructive processes; creating new possibilities through the magic of technology. Newly knows how the new world works, and it is the preferred and trusted guide on taking that journey into better experiences and outcomes. The essence of the brand is luminosity. Newly lights the way to an easier, more efficient and reliable way for providers and individuals/families to connect with care and support professionals.

Creating a rewarding user experience

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Applying user experience design methodologies, the website front end was developed to appeal to three target audiences; care and support professionals, aged care and disability support providers and individuals and families.

Calling upon the brand identity, a strong new visual identity for Newly emerged. Use of iconography provided clarity around how Newly works and the relevant process for each target audience. New navigation menus were introduced, ensuring that once people reach the Newly website they can quickly understand why Newly is relevant to them and find the information required when considering and selecting services.

The site is scalable and allows for nimble ongoing development as analytics provide guidance for improving conversions.

Relaunch to market

With an immediate need to engage with providers, a nimble relaunch strategy was developed, taking into consideration the challenging pre-Christmas timing.

Ellis Jones developed and executed an integrated communications and marketing campaign, employing both push (reaching target audiences with a call to action) and pull (raising market awareness) tactics including:

  • eDM campaign: delivering value and building trust among target audiences
  • Video content: defining how Newly works for each target audience, showcasing success stories
  • Referral campaign: incentivising care and support professionals to refer friends to join the Newly community
  • Round table event: establishing Newly as sector thought leader and connector of people

Newly for providers from Newly on Vimeo.


In December 2015, Newly launched with a well defined brand and visual identity and a value proposition that appeals to divergent customers.

Targeted eDM’s to future prospective clients achieved an open rate of 21.2%, well above the industry average of 16%. Following the send out of each eDM, website traffic saw an increase with people responding to the call to action ‘visit our new website’.

In the three months since launch, website page views per session have increased by 12.22% and the average time spent on website per session has increased by 16.14%, indicating that visitors are finding the updated content engaging and taking to time to find out more about Newly. Bounce rate has reduced by 8.7%, strongly suggesting that site entrance pages have improved and are more relevant to target audiences, allowing them to easily find the information they require.

Initiating engagement with prospective customers, the first ‘Newly Leadership Lunch’ was hosted in February 2016. An exclusive group of CEOs from leading aged care and disability support providers discussed the likely impacts of the deregulation, empowered consumers and increased competition with Professor Ian Harper, chair of the federal government Competition Policy Review.

In the three months since launch, there has been 1,187 carer registrations on the Newly platform.

Download the Newly Confident brochure here.

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