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CASE STUDY: Social recruitment strategy and content planning for Vasey RSL Care.

Ellis Jones  •  Wednesday September 17, 2014
Digital  •  Health & Ageing


Vasey RSL Care (VRSLC) was created when Vasey Housing Ltd merged with RSL Care (Victoria), bringing together the rich history of the War Widows’ Guild and the RSL. Today, VRSLC has over 400 employees across five residential aged care facilities and community care services as well as independent living accommodation.


In recent years, VRSLC has significantly improved its staff retention rate allowing the organisation to benefit from cost savings as well as the cultural benefits of having a more stable employee cohort. Strategies are in place to ensure this continues in the future. However, as personnel shortages in the sector increase, it is important that VRSLC also looks at developing successful attraction strategies to source new employees. Attracting the right candidates has been identified as the most important but also expensive stage of the recruitment process – particularly if using traditional means such as recruiters (‘head hunters’) and advertising. The selection of quality candidates also influences retention and staff morale. The challenge therefore is to attract and place employees who are the right fit for the company.


Ellis Jones has developed a sophisticated model for social recruitment which incorporates and links employer branding, content marketing strategy, social media engagement strategy and employee engagement programs. Our business and marketing strategy consultants had worked with the organisation in 2012 and 2013 on company and employee branding and integrated marketing and communications strategy. In early 2014 we completed and launched the new website which features a blog, updated regularly according to a monthly content cycle.

The organisation was keen to explore social media as a communication channel and the decision was made to begin that journey with development of a social recruitment strategy. Strategic social media recruitment delivers a more qualified candidate pool at reduced cost, whether by a reduction in print and online advertising, recruitment consultancy, or investment in employee and trade events.

“People across the organisation are engaged in telling the unique Vasey RSL Care employment story. The project has boosted employee engagement with the VRSLC employee value proposition, and  given us a new platform with which to reach new staff, as well as families and new aged care residents, with managed risk.”
– Susan Marsenic, General Manager – Human Resources, Vasey RSL Care

After mapping the online environment for VRSLC, Ellis Jones developed an effective and sustainable approach to online engagement linked to workplace engagement strategy, brand narrative and employee programs. Named in line with the company’s tagline, The ‘Saluting Excellence’ team was established to source content for social media, enews and website distribution. Ellis Jones developed training materials and workshops, a strategy and action plan, and protocols. A Facebook page was established for the purpose of authentic story telling – staff talking to staff and potential employees about VRSLC people and the highlights of daily life across the group. Our consultants also assisted in the development of the company’s LinkedIn presence and the design of the Facebook feed.


A visit to the Facebook page and you can see the confident start the Saluting Excellence team have made. Using appropriate visual content, encouraging discussion, producing content across a range of strategic themes. Since the launch in July they have nearly 200 followers – and these are not random Facebook users looking for free products, they are people working at VRSLC or keen to work there. The user data being collected on the website and social feeds will be correlated against recruitment data to track effectiveness.

A fantastic project that shows how, given parameters, skills and confidence, employees embrace social media and, through natural and un-contrived storytelling, establish a company’s employer brand and play a role in attracting the colleagues they want to work with.

  • 161 likes to the VRSLC Facebook page in the two months following the launch in July 2014
  • 245 people signed up for job alerts via the VRSLC website since it went live at the start of March 2014
  • 355 job applications submitted via the VRSLC website since it went live at the start of March 2014
  • Two roles advertised on Facebook in August had a combined reach of 364, with 36 likes and 3 shares.

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