Sustainable Melbourne Fund

CASE STUDY: Integrated marketing, communications and design.

Ellis Jones  •  Tuesday April 9, 2013
Commercial  •  Design


Sustainable Melbourne Fund (SMF) is the leading innovator of funding models for environmental upgrades to commercial buildings in Melbourne City Council municipality. More than half (53%) of Melbourne’s carbon emissions come from commercial buildings in the CBD alone. SMF  provide building owners with access to capital for upgrades and is an investor in innovative sustainability projects and businesses.


SMF’s work aims to deliver the City of Melbourne’s strategic objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2020. After the City of Melbourne identified that the number one barrier to retrofitting for building owners is a lack of funding, SMF established its innovative financial model in response to this hurdle. The Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) is a tool that now facilitates landlord/tenant engagement and results in financial and environmental outcomes that benefit both parties and the people of Melbourne city.


Ellis Jones provides a full suite of marketing and communications services to SMF including, but not limited to:

  • Social media strategy and content creation
  • Community management
  • Media and government relations
  • Production of infographics, design and marketing materials
  • Public relations
  • Website design and development
  • Annual reports 

Experienced Ellis Jones consultants work closely with SMF to lead the planning and creation of monthly content, incorporating key messages and themes, public relations activity and business strategy development, while ensuring that stakeholder objectives are met.


Melbourne is the birthplace of the EUA in Australia and with four councils in NSW now offering EUAs, the model is gaining nationwide interest. The Ellis Jones team has become integral to SMF’s online communications and business communications activity and will continue to support their campaign in raising awareness about their great initiative as well as their achievements thus far. 

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