More than 14 Million Australians are overweight or obese. Obesity is now the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia. Probiotec is on a mission to change that. Through, Impromy, Australia’s fastest growing weight management and health improvement program, the company decided to engage Australians in change.


#BeTheLast is a social mobilisation campaign that invites people to pledge to change their behaviour or that of people around them to help end the endemic condition of obesity in Australia. By engaging its pharmacies, 20,000+ members (at the time the campaign started) and partner, the CSIRO, to make pledges, the campaign kicked off. A website was designed to host and rank pledges, eDMs were created to run regularly to share successes and provide incentives. Partner organisations in fitness, food and other related industries contributed prizes and communications. Both the #BeTheLast and the newly branded Impromy Facebook feeds shared pledges, motivation, stats and updates.


A great success, the campaign resulted in the highest Impromy sales for January and February ever, with more than 5,000 new members joining over the campaign period. More than 400 health pledges were submitted online, 761 new followers engaged with the campaign on Facebook, more than 300 pharmacies activated the campaign locally, and there was a strong re-engagement of current Impromy members whose commitment to the program had lapsed. Bold branding and a clear, concise visual language throughout the campaign contributed to its visibility and success. Colourful iconography, maps and diagrams made the message easy to understand at a glance, without the need for large amounts of text. This made the application of the design concept easy to transfer to any media, at any size. The campaign demonstrates the role of cross sector partnerships in driving change through a shared value approach to business and societal returns.