Specialising in recruitment, workforce support and retention and facilitating outreach services, Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) is a non-profit government funded organisation that works to improve access and sustainability of healthcare services by developing and delivering health workforce solutions in rural, regional and Aboriginal communities in Victoria.

Delivering services throughout rural and regional Victoria to approximately 2.3 million people, RWAV required a new website to provide information to prospective healthcare staff and practices as well as facilitate recruitment applications.


Using a specific research framework, Ellis Jones undertook basic user experience (UX) investigation in the form of stakeholder surveys to provide a basis for plotting human interactions across a range of situations and scenarios for the new RWAV website.

This helped ensure that every time RWAV connected with a user via the website – be it staff members or consumers – the connection was meaningful, significant and purposeful.

Our investigation findings were turned into intuitive website design, ensuring information architecture, layout and hierarchy was en point.


Health is going digital. With the delivery of the new website, RWAV are able to plan and roll out of services online over time. Business efficiencies have been created with the display of available placements by region via the comprehensive Vacancies system. Integration of job applications directly via the website has also saved RWAV staff time.

Average website sessions have increased by 34.46%, with overall website bounce rate decreasing by 4.51%. Additionally, website users are visiting more pages per session at an increase of 33.59%.

Ellis Jones continues to work with RWAV on the website, with a members only section currently under development.