The St Peter’s renewal committee approached Ellis Jones to take over design and communications for The Benson Toorak after a six month hiatus from marketing and advertising. With the visual identity already established by the predecessing agency, the challenge lay in re-considering the priorities and desires of the primary audience for a luxury retirement living product, and evolving visual and verbal tone of voice to better address those needs.


Although a luxury product with a luxury positioning, Ellis Jones saw that there was untapped opportunity in addressing not only the future residents, but also their network of family, friends and influencers. We mapped these previously peripheral messages against key events and cycles such as the Christmas Season (talking about families getting together, planning for the year ahead), or Easter (new beginnings, and the opening of the building), and tailored advertising and digital content to leverage them.

Ellis Jones consolidated existing visual identity elements, outlining a new stylistic approach to application across advertising, digital and other branded collateral such as invitations and correspondence to The Benson Toorak community. Ellis Jones also worked with photographer Daniel Aulsebrook to create a suite of images documenting the completed apartments, establishing the offer in the real world for prospective residents, and banishing ‘artists impression’ renders.


A very limited number of luxury apartments remain at The Benson Toorak. Ellis Jones continues to work with the committee and management on advertising, content creation and communications toward achieving the final sales and delivering full occupancy.